Testimonials & Reviews


Conduct property appraisal inspection and provided written report.

I contacted G & J to request an appraisal of my single family residence in Boston prior selling the property. In addition to the appraisal, I was looking for some insight regarding potential improvements to maximize the sale of the house. Over the phone, Gina was extremely pleasant and professional and took the time to thoroughly understand my goals. Not only was Jerry on time for the appointment, he was early – something I greatly appreciated. While conducting his review of the house and property, Jerry spent a good deal of time answering my questions. He also made some great recommendations I hadn’t considered. His experience was obvious and he was a great resource. The appraisal report was delivered early. The report was completed in great detail including a narrative, methods, assumptions, comps, etc. A concise and functional document which served our purposes perfectly. A++ overall, and I’d gladly use G & J Manfra services again. More importantly, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to friends and family. Do not shop around. Call G & J Manfra Real Estate Appraisals for your appraisal needs.

Thanks and well done!

 – James F.
Jerry was really helpful throughout the whole process.  He spent a while on the phone with me explaining my different options.  He was very knowledgeable at the appraisal and provided us with a beautifully complete, detailed and well-researched report.  We really appreciate all of his help and would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs an appraisal.
– Sarah F.
Jerry responded to my email very promptly, was able to schedule me for an appointment within two
days, and provided a thorough, professional and friendly appraisal of my home. The report was delivered even before he estimated it would be available. I could not have been more happy with the service.
– Scott F.

ACE Appraisal/G&J Manfra Real Estate Appraisals did a current value appraisal of my property back in
April of 2015. I called back today with some follow-up questions and he provided clear answers and backed up his advice with hard data.

Jerry was prompt, thorough, professional and customer-focused throughout the entire process. When I called back nine months later with some follow-up questions, he provided in-depth answers verbally and followed-up with data via e-mail to support his assertions. I’ve used them twice in the past few years and they’ve exceeded my expectations.  If you’re looking for an appraisal, ACE Appraisal/G&J Manfra Real Estate Appraisals deserves your serious consideration.

-James F.

Jerry was really helpful throughout the whole process.  He spent a while on the phone with me explaining my different options.  He was very knowledgeable at the appraisal and provided us with a beautifully complete, detailed and well-researched report.  We really appreciate all of his help and would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs an appraisal.

-Amy S.

Although I was unable to use G&J Manfra Real Estate Appraisals for my appraisal when

purchasing my new home – I wish I could have! I bought a town house last summer and the closing process was taking twice the time that it should have. Everything had been in place for weeks but we were waiting on the appraisal. It was the only piece of the puzzle that I was waiting for to close on my new home.  Being a
first-time homebuyer, I was very ignorant to the home buying process and I needed help to get things moving along. I utilized G&J Manfra Real Estate Appraisals for their consulting services and not only did they take the time to ensure I had an understanding of the process, they also did everything that they could to ensure that I would close on time. I learned so much while working with them. They have been in the business for almost 20 years and their knowledge definitely shows that. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of an appraisal. They do it all and they do it seamlessly!-Daniel I.

Very professional but friendly service. Flexible with appointments; was willing to come on a Saturday morning. Arrived to the home having done research prior. Delivered a thorough report by the date promised. I highly recommend this company.

-Roberta M.

Ace provided a real estate appraisal for me. They visited, examined and photographed the primary property as well as four comparable recent sales. They prepared a comprehensive appraisal report with photographs, maps, drawings, and written assessments and observations. They responded to me within hours of my initial call, patiently answered my questions on the process, and helped make me a better consumer of real estate appraisal services. They undertook the appraisal in less time than they promised, having visited the property and comparable sales, taking comprehensive pictures, and developing a fair and reasonable appraisal. Mike was courteous, prompt, accurate, complete, and made a stressful process painless. I would use them again without question, and highly recommend them for anyone wanting a fair, comprehensive, and prompt appraisal from a firm that it also courteous and responsive.

-Nagel S.

He was very honest from the beginning and would only agree to do the appraisal once he had explained the other options for determining a sales price and was sure that we knew that an appraisal was the way we wanted to go.  Once he had engaged to do the appraisal, he was very quick and thorough.  Would definitely use Ace Appraisal  again.  Very impressed with his honesty and professionalism.

-Barbara S.

The appraiser arrived on time.  After we went over his form as to known history of the house and the dates improvements were made
(ie AC)he proceeded to tour the house, yard, and attic.  He explained the process and what I should expect and how soon.  He sent the results earlier than I expected.
I found Paul to be very professional, he answered all my questions. I didn’t feel as if the survey was rushed.  He carried out all components of the survey very efficiently.  I would feel comfortable recommending him to a friend.

-Scott F.

Appraiser was prompt, professional and thorough.  He collected the information he needed in under 30 minutes and had my appraisal completed and in my hands in a week.   I was extremely satisfied and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

-Mike S.

I called Jerry to ask about a prospective land purchase. He was extremely helpful, provided me with a great education on the

factors involved, and seemed very knowledgeable. His evaluation in our phone discussion was very thorough, backing up his statement with lots of evidence. Since the land purchase would not add too much value to my home, he thought it would not be advisable to make use of his formal assessor services. It’s clear that Jerry is an honest professional! Add to that, the fact that I received all the information I needed, and I would highly recommend him if you need property assessment.

-Ted L.

The Best, the finest, the most honest, the quickest, the nicest and best of all (drum roll please) there is the Lovely GINA.